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Antiques to sell?

If you are having a bit of a sort out and have found some items you no longer want or need, Woodbridge Antiques Centre is currently looking to buy all sorts of vintage and antique items and you never know what your finds might be worth.

Hidden gems are not always in the attic, they can be in plain sight all over the house. Do you have a desk with old pens, pencil sharpeners, coins or medals in it? Maybe your sewing box is home to old thimbles, needlecases and pin cushions. Is your dressing table home to fine and costume jewellery you no longer wear? It’s not only diamonds and precious metals that we are interested in, with the rise of the vintage movement, the sparkly jewels your grandmother might have worn, are in vogue again, and can be treasured by a new owner.

There are collectors of all types of objects from corkscrews and decanter labels to bookmarks and inkwells so we are happy to look at a variety of pieces as long as they are old and in good condition. Not everything that is old is necessarily worth a fortune but even everyday items like kitchen equipment or pens can find new homes. 

If you have found some pieces that maybe silver – have a look for a hallmark.

Solid silver will have a small lion passant (1) which indicates its silver purity. Next to that there should be another mark signifying where it was assayed. An anchor (2) means it originates from Birmingham. A crown signifies, Sheffield, a leopard signifies London and three wheatsheafs with a sword signify Chester. The letter mark signifies its age (3). 

Silver plated items are made from a base metal with a layer of silver applied. You may find the letters EPNS which stands for electroplated nickel silver. We do buy silver plated items that are in good condition. 

If you have items that you would like us to see, all you need to do is give us a ring on 01394 387210, let us know what you have and if they are items we are looking for, we will arrange an appointment for you to bring them in.