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Metalware including Silver Plate

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Antique Metalware

Metalware encompasses Brass, Pewter, Copper, Bronze and Silver Plate, pretty much anything that is not Gold, Silver or Platinum. Under this wide banner you will find a great number of both practical and decorative pieces, such as boxes, wall plaques and tankards.

Metalware also offers a more affordable way into collecting pieces from a particular era, such as Georgian times or from the Arts & Crafts movement, than their silver equivalents. You will also find items with an interesting story to tell, such as Trench Art (items made from shell cases and bullets by soldiers) from the First and Second World War.

These items will also make great useable items today, or as gifts for a special occasion. Our online store has just a small selection of some of the pieces that we currently have for sale. If you are looking for something in particular, please contact us directly.