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Watches, clocks and Barometers 

Watches, clocks and Barometers are each a large collecting field in their own right. At the Centre we try to stock a balance between higher priced pieces generally sought by collectors, and more affordable items that make wonderful gifts. We often have desk and banjo barometers, carriage, wall and mantel clocks, as well as pocket and wrist watches. As with all precision mechanical instruments they need treasuring, so we are also able to offer help and advice in the care and maintenance of them, when you are making your purchase.


We stock both mens and ladies watches, that range from Antique Pocket watches in Silver, and Gold cases, through to Ladies Dress and Cocktail Watches and Vintage mens Wrist Watches by renowned makers such as Tudor, Rolex and Omega. These watches make a wonderful and unique gift for a loved one, and are very popular as such. All of the watches we sell are in working order, and are given an inspection prior to retail for your piece of mind.

Clocks and Barometers

We have an ever changing selection of clocks for sale, these include carriage clocks, larger mantel clocks and Wall Clocks. These pieces make ideal gifts for people, and do help to add to the period feel of a room.

The Barometers we sell range from the Traditional 'banjo' Barometers, popular throughout the 19th and early 20th Century, to the smaller and more compact circular dial wall barometers and even the more unusual desk barometers. Barometers are especially popular with those living in period properties and cottages, whom often seek the authentic country style.

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