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Antique Glassware

Most of the glassware we sell here at the Centre falls under one of  three sub categories:

Tableware, this refers to vintage and antique glass ware, such as Art Deco era champagne bowls, cut glass tumblers for whiskey and etched glass decanters. All of these items have age to them, but are great things to use everyday.

The second subcategory is antique glassware, such as cranberry, emerald and ruby glass, these items are desired by collectors and make wonderful gifts, they are mostly handmade and are very aesthetically pleasing due to their colour, design and style.

The third subcategory is Art Glass, this term tends to be attached to pieces produced after the Second World War, by firms such as Caithness, Mdina, or even by makers in Scandinavian or in what was Czechoslovakia. Art Glass generally has a distinctive look to it, and is an emerging collecting field for the future, with many practical and decorative items such as paperweights and vases produced. 


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