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Some of your lovely reviews...

"I visited the antique centre today for the first time. It was great really well laid out and all goods displayed beautifully. I had planned to just browse but ended up buying myself a necklace. The lady was really helpful and the didn't get fed up when I was undecided and had a good knowledge of the stock. I will definitely be going back. Many thanks"

"This is a lovely Antique centre, slightly 'Tardis like', as it opens up to much more lovely finds.
Staff are attentive, and considering the affluent area, prices are reasonable for some unique pieces.
Definitely well worth a look.
Highly recommend."

"well stocked lots to look at and good prices.Stallholders were willing to discuss discounts even though prices seemed fair anyway we found two excellent porcellane plates"

"With a word like 'Centre' in the shop name I was expecting a large sprawling place (there's one like that near where I live), but I was pleasantly surprised to find something completely different. The shop is quite small, but all the better for it. Most of the antiques are presented inside display cabinets, which you have to ask the person behind reception to open if you want to see anything closely. There's a wide range of wonderful objects and a wide of prices from £5 to £hundreds. I loved it and would definitely go back."

"I was wandering past when the beautiful display of vintage jewellery caught my eye - red glass deco beads in particular.
Popped inside, where it was lovely and warm, to find even more treats inside.
Not only lovely glassware, china and jewellery but a great selection of old postcards. Lovely selection of WW1 and WW2 as well as local sites.
Staff were very helpful and ever so friendly.
Have told 4 people in the past hour they must visit. 
I would recommend to anyone looking for a pretty reminder of Woodbridge."