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  1. If you happen to be awake and next to a radio this Saturday morning between 6am and 9am (we will be!) then do listen to Rachel Sloanes radio show on BBC Radio Suffolk.  She was accompanied by the lovely Jan of recording an item for her radio show.  Aiming to tell her lovely readers how good Woodbridge is for Christmas shopping, they popped into our shop to chat with Natalie about how great antiques are to purchase for Christmas gifts. 

    Rachel gave Natalie a strict brief of purchasing for a friend who likes cooking and has a budget of £15.  Natalie managed to find her some great present ideas and sold Rachel on the idea of purchasing Christmas gifts from an antique shop.  We all know how great antiques are as unusual and inspired Christmas presents, so hopefully most of East Anglia will know too by Saturday!


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    Welcome to the Woodbridge Antiques Centre's Autumn Newsletter
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    Welcome to our Autumn Newsletter...

    We absolutely love this time of year...why?

    Because the mornings are crisp,the leaves change colour and we get to show you our fabulous new items in stock...and they are beautiful!

    We've had some stunning pieces in our shop over Summer and our dealers (we have over 20 did you know?) have been busy rearranging and restocking their cabinets, with lots of lovely things they have found during those long Summer days.  Some of these lovely items can be viewed on our site and all are in our shop.

    Infact, Natalie has just got back from a trip to bonnie Scotland where she has come back with some gorgeous items.  These are on display and available to purchase in our be sure to pop by and have a look at all we have to offer. 

    Also in this newsletter is a little about our brilliant feature in the Antiques Trade Gazette, a list of all the antique fairs we are attending throughout the Autumn and lastly, how we'd love for you to help us out!

    Enjoy your Autumn and see you in the shop!

    Featured in The Blog...
    In our recent blog post, we spoke about the delightful and now not so functional Vesta Cases.  Still very collectable and with more variations than you can shake a stick at, a Vesta case makes a fabulous gift and a good investment  You can view the blog post here.
    Woodbridge Antiques Retro and Vintage Fair
    We were at the Woodbridge Antiques Retro and Vintage Fair in September.  Located on market Hill and bathed in glorious September sunshine, we had a great day!  Lots of local traders and a real variety of items on was definitely worth a wander if you were around..  If you missed out on this fair, then dont worry!  We will be at a number of fairs throughout the Autumn and into the festive season, you can see a list of those below.
    Guess The Item...

    The more observant of you will have noticed our brilliant 'new look newsletter' (which we hope you all like by the way) and although we haven't graced you with a newsletter for a few months we have had a few pieces in which were all fine contendors for 'Guess The Item' throughout the Summer.  We've whittled down the entries to a rather curious object and one we just love!  The photo is below and also a couple of hints.  Good luck!

    A brass cycliner that comes apart in two parts.  Circa 1900.  Not seen in the photo is a small swivelling mirror inside the cylinder.  The item also comes in a small box with some instuctions.  Those are all the clues you are getting I'm afraid!
    Answers on the back of a postcard.
    To find out what it here
    Featured in the Antiques Trade Gazette

    We were fortunate enough to be featured in the Antiques Trade Gazette a few weeks ago.  Always nice to be mentioned in a trade magazine and if anything, it tells us we are doing something right!  Our gorgeous Lapis earrings got a mention!
    • What we're up to this Autumn

    We'll be at the following events this Autumn, so be sure to visit us and say 'Hi' if you're around!

    26th October
    Newmarket, Antiques & 20th Century Fair

    1st & 2nd November
    Norfolk Showground, Antiques & Collectors Fair

    7th December
    Alexandra Palace
    , Antiques & Collectors Fair

    13th December
    Woodbridge Retro and Vintage Fair

    14th December
    Christmas Antiques & Collectables Fair
    We need your help!
    As you probably know, we rely on our customers spreading the word about us.  Word of mouth is very important and also online reviews.  They help spread the word on a global basis, so we'd very much like your help on spreading the word.  We have a simple TripAdvisor review form on our website.  If you could take a minute to fill that in then that would be a huge help!
    A huge thank you to those of you who have already helped us!

    Click here to leave us a review
    From all of us here at the Woodbridge Antiques Centre...
    Have a fabulous Autumn!

  3. Vesta Cases.

     njl (105 of 148)

    Back in Victorian times, before the stringent health and safety laws of today were even thought of, a common every day object in use was the handy but somewhat risky ‘Strike Anywhere Match’.  Handy because it’d combust pretty much anywhere…risky, because that place could be your pocket!

    Very useful then were the match holders, known as Vesta Cases.  These were just the right size and shape to contain your volatile matches without them combusting at the most inopportune moment.  Manufactured originally in the 1830’s they were at their most popular in the 1890’s through to the 1920’s.  Named ‘Vesta’ after the Roman Goddess Vesta, the Roman deity of fire and the hearth, these little boxes were not only saving lives but were very useful…and now very collectable.

     njl (112 of 148)

    This stunning example is available in our online store

    Some Vesta cases were made of Gold and Silver and these were usually the preserve of the rich, whilst other less exotic cases were made of tin, brass and wood etc would be in use by people with not so much wealth.  Some of the higher end cases featured a gold gild on the inside of the lid, to prevent corrosion by the match heads.

     njl (109 of 148)

    Vesta cases come in many different shapes and sizes, some with added features such as stamp holders, compasses and other assorted tools.  Some were complete novelty items being created in the shape of animals and characters.  What remains today though, is that some of the remaining Vesta cases are very collectible and beautiful to look at. 


    If you are looking for something that’s a little different and beautiful as well as valuable, then a Vesta Case might be a good option for you.  We have just received 3 beautiful examples all in exquisite condition and are available in our online store.  A good investment and something to enjoy holding and using, the Vesta cases we have in stock at the moment are just gorgeous. Oh and if you do have some Strike Anywhere Matches left hanging around which you discarded after they spontaneously combusted in your pocket, then a Vesta case might be a very useful addition to your collection!